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Silkwood Antiques & Vintage

Would you like to decorate your home with antiques or  vintage objects? Would you like to walk in the coolest brands for a reasonable price and also want to think carefully about the environment?

About us

25 years experience

For more than 25 years we are traders and restorers of Vintage & Antiques. We also sell period fabrics to fit youre period funiture or interior. Since 20 years we also have a shop situated in The Museum Quater in Amsterdam.

In our shop we sell antiques & vintage objects & fashion.

You can also view and purchase our fabrics and get an estimate  for your restauration project.

We are open from Tuesday -Saturday from 13-18 hrs and by appointment.

Why would you choose us?

Why not? We have a large craftmanship and sufficient choise and  you can visit our shop whenever you like. 


We sell a wide range of antique objects and paintings mainly from the 17th,18th &19th Century


We sell fabrics from the Italian brand of Luigi Bevilacqua and horsehair fabrics for upholstering and also leather


We sell vintage designer bags &accessories with brands as Hermès ,Chanel,Dior,Louis Vuitton and More

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